I want to smoke beef bones and sell them to my customers for their dogs. Is this safe?

Cooked bones, including smoked, should not be fed to dogs. The bones can splinter from the cooking process which causes the bones to harden and become brittle; splintering bones can cause severe damage to a dog. Dogs can cut their mouths, pierce their stomach lining, and possibly block the intestines. 


Some raw bones can be fed because they will not splinter; however, some meat should be left on the bones to act as a cushion. The major bones of support (legs, thighs) should be avoided. These bones are very dense and could crack teeth.

Even when feeding raw bones, pets should be supervised to make sure they do not injure themselves.

In addition, before selling a product to customers for dogs to consume, you will want to make sure you are following all appropriate labeling and food-safety guidelines required in your area.