Companion Animal Internships and Job-Shadowing Benefits and Tips

When looking for a companion animal-related career or applying to veterinary or graduate school, hands-on experience is often required. Internships can be a beneficial tool in preparing for the real-life work environment. It can be a great opportunity to gain experience in an area of interest or major and can teach career and life lessons. Having an internship experience will potentially improve your understanding of your career choices and help you decide what best fits you, as well as improve …

Career Profiles

Companion animals touch the lives of most Americans on a daily basis.  According to the 2011-12 American Pet Products Association (APPA) survey, approximately 62% of U.S. households own a companion animal such as a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, guinea pig, hamster, snake, or fish.  It is estimated that in 2013 pet owners will spend $55.53 billion on their pets’ care and supplies.  Spending on companion animals has increased over $12 billion dollars in the last five years.  This increased market …

Careers with Companion Animals Webinar Series

Archived Webinars:

  • “Animal behavior careers: beyond dog training” hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Wells with Michigan State University Extension and Dr. Daniela Sharma  from Rutgers University.  View the archived webinar by clicking here.
  • “Shelter and welfare careers: Can you really make a living?” hosted by Dr. Amy Fischer from the University of Illinois at Urbana

Veterinarian (Champaign County Humane Society & University of Illinois)

Name: G. Robert Weedon, DVM, MPH

Employer:  Dr. Weedon currently works at the Champaign County Humane Society, and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.   

Job Title:   Dr. Robert Weedon is the Shelter Veterinarian for the Champaign County Humane Society, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois.

Educational Background:  Dr. Weedon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Purdue University, a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University, and a …

Career Profiles in the Companion Animal Industry (Listed by Category)

Animal Shelters:

  • Animal Behavior Specialist
  • Animal Control Warden
  • ASPCA Senior Director
  • Cat Programs Manager (HSUS)
  • Director of Education & Volunteers
  • Shelter Supervisor
  • Veterinarian (Animal Shelter)


Pet Food:

  • Health and Nutrition Scientist
  • Pet Food Technical Services Organization Leader
  • President of Wiscoy Pet Food Company Inc.
  • Product Development & Nutrition Specialist

Pet Services:

  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
  • Groomer

Sales and Marketing: