Canine Nutrition Webinars

Dog nutrition continues to evolve to develop a better understanding of dog nutritional requirements and needs. Thirty years ago, nearly everyone thought that dogs were carnivores and that an all meat diet was the best diet for a dog. We learned that dogs are omnivores rather than carnivores and cannot survive on an all met diet for an extended amount of time.

Today, pet food manufactures use what we know about dog nutrition requirements to develop proper rations with the right combinations of ingredients, to create a diet that nutritionally meets all the requirements of the dog.  With all the different pet food manufactures and brands, the task of choosing a diet that is nutritionally correct for your dog could be a challenge.  The following webinars were developed to help consumers distinguish between all the different products available for their dog and to become more informed about canine nutrition. 


Archived Canine Nutrition Webinars

Each webinar will have a 30-40 minute presentation with a question and answer period at the end. 

Canine Nutrition: An Introduction

Learn about canine nutrient requirements and how dogs digest and absorb food through the gastrointestinal tract. 

Presenter: Dr. Lisa Karr-Lilienthal, Extension Companion Animal Specialist/Instructor University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Karr-Lilienthal received her Master’s and PhD in companion animal nutrition from the University of Illinois. Her research focused on nutrition of dogs, cats and other non-ruminant animals.


Pet Food Ingredients

Commercial pet foods are an easy and convenient way to feed dogs. Deciding what to feed can be difficult. This webinar will evaluate the different ingredients in pet foods.

Presenter: Dr. Greg Aldrich, Nutritionist at Pet Food & Ingredient Technology, Inc.

Aldrich is an independent nutritionist specializing in foods, ingredients and nutrition of companion animals. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois in nutrition. He writes a monthly column for Petfood Industry magazine on ingredient issues, and a quarterly review on matters related to pet nutrition, pet foods and the pet food industry for the weekly agribusiness newspaper Feedstuffs.


Raw Diets

A raw food diet can include vegetables, grains, meat and bones. Learn about the pros and cons of feeding a raw diet to your canine.

Presenter: Dr. Cheryl Morris, Director of Comparative Nutrition at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium; Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences, Iowa State University

Morris received her PhD in canine nutrition from the University of Illinois and oversees the nutrition of the animals managed at one of the nation’s largest zoos. Her research focus is carnivore nutrition, particularly raw diet formulations for domestic and exotic carnivores.


Obesity Management

More than half the dogs in the United States are not at their ideal body weight. Obesity is a common concern and can result in health issues such as diabetes, joint disease and stress on internal organs. Find out how nutritional vet 

intervention can influence obesity management in canines.

Presenter: Dr. Nancy Dreschel, Small Animal Sciences Instructor at Penn State University

Dreschel received her DVM from Cornell University and has worked in a mixed and small animal practice. Her PhD in behavioral health from Penn State University focused on the effects of fear and stress on behavior and physiology in dogs and their owners.


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