Remove a Tick from Your Pet in a Few Simple Steps

To remove a tick from a pet in just a few simple steps, please do the following. We have included a video from the TickEncounter Resource Center for your convenience.

  1. You will first need a small pair of tweezers or forceps. 
  2. Next, grasp the tick firmly and as closely to the tick’s head as possible, but be careful not to pinch the skin. 
  3. Pull gently, and avoid twisting or crushing the tick, until it frees. Be sure the mouth parts are removed, and apply an antibiotic ointment, if necessary. In many cases, the mouth parts are unable to be removed by tweezers, but will eventually be expelled by the body.
  4. Make sure to disinfect the area after removal, and watch for any signs of inflammation or irritation. If you do see redness or swelling, contact  your veterinarian.