Urinary Tract Diseases in Rabbits: Bladder or Kidney Stones


Under the right conditions, rabbits can develop stones within the urinary tract. The stones are caused by the accumulation of mineral deposits. This condition is called urolithiasis. Urolithiasis can occur in any of the organs of the urinary system. Small stones can be removed by flushing the urinary system while the rabbit is under anesthesia. However, it is necessary to remove large stones surgically.

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Rabbits normally excrete extra calcium provided in the diet through their urine unlike humans, …

Appropriate Toys for Rabbits


Playfulness is a normal rabbit behavior that is observed in the wild. Rabbits play by running, leaping, and chasing each other or inanimate objects. Rabbit owners can take advantage of this natural behavior by providing handmade or store-bought toys for their rabbits. It is important that owners carefully examine toys for parts that could possibly be swallowed. Owners should also keep in mind that each rabbit is unique. Your rabbit may not like some toys, but may love others. …