Pet Food Labels: Nutritional Adequacy Statement

AAFCO Statement

One of the most important items to look for on the information panel is the “Nutritional Adequacy Statement.” This statement provides the guarantee that the pet food is complete and balanced for the animal for which it is intended. All commercial pet foods are required to be nutritionally complete and balanced. By being complete, it means all the nutrients that are required by the animal to meet its daily needs are included in adequate amounts; balanced means that the nutrients …

Alopecia X

dog white poodle

Alopecia X is the name given to a cosmetic condition found primarily in Nordic breeds of dogs, as well as miniature and toy poodles. The primary symptom of alopecia X is the loss of coat ( alopecia is the medical term for hair loss). This is actually a hair cycle problem where the normal shed and growth patterns are disrupted. The dog sheds hair and fails to regrow a normal coat.

The primary clinical presentation of alopecia X is the …

Body Condition Scoring Your Dog

Sheep guarding dog

More than half the dogs in the United States are not at their ideal body weight. Obesity is a common concern and can result in health issues such as diabetes, joint disease, and stress on internal organs. At the same time, underweight dogs may be more prone to illness as well. One way to determine if your dog is at the ideal weight is to monitor its body condition score (BCS).

BCS is a way to visually evaluate your dog’s …

Choosing, Introducing, and Caring for Pets in Child Care

Pet in cage in child care

Having a pet to talk to and touch can be a great benefit to children in child care, especially shy youngsters. Children can learn responsibility by caring for a pet and may enjoy watching animals play and eat. Having a pet in your child care program takes thought and planning. Before you go out and buy a snake or a rabbit, be ready to ensure children are safe and healthy around the pet and the pet is treated gently and …

Guard Animals for Goats

guard animals


There are special considerations when selecting the type of guard animal for goats. The first is how much care you want to provide that animal. Dogs are the most commonly used guard animals but they need special feeding. Donkeys and llamas can consume what the goats eat but will require other care to remain healthy, including foot trimming and shearing of the llamas. Llamas also can suffer from the same parasites as the goats, so they will need treatment for …