Feeding Senior Cats

As cats age, their nutrient needs change too. Cat owners should pay close attention to changes in their cat and consult with their veterinarian about signs of aging. A commercial cat food designed for senior cats will be formulated with these changes in mind to ensure proper health and longevity for older cats. Regular veterinary visits, exercise, and mental stimulation are all key to maintaining proper health throughout your cat’s later years.

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The geriatric cat population has increased in recent …

Body Condition Scoring Your Cat

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More than half the cats in the United States are not at their ideal body weight. Obesity is a common concern and can result in health issues such as diabetes, joint disease, and stress on internal organs. At the same time, underweight cats may be more prone to illness as well. One way to determine if your cat is at the ideal weight is to monitor its body condition score (BCS).

BCS is a way to visually evaluate your cat’s …

Basics of Pregnancy and Birth in the Cat

Basics of Pregnancy and Birth in the Cat

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Once a cat has been successfully mated, it takes up to two weeks for the fertilized egg to reach and implant itself in the uterine wall. Pregnancy takes an average of 63 days.

To check if your queen is indeed pregnant, feel her abdomen for “lumps,” which are the individual fetuses, from three to four weeks after pregnancy. Your veterinarian can do an ultrasound within two weeks of pregnancy. The individual heartbeats …

Feline Vaccine Guidelines


Why does my kitten need so many shots? Does my cat need to be vaccinated every year? These common questions about vaccinations don’t necessarily have easy answers. Deciding what vaccines to get, when to get them, and how often to booster them depends on a number of different variables, including how safe and effective the vaccine is, what your cat’s chances of getting the disease is and how serious the disease is. In this article, we’ll offer some guidelines …