Alopecia X

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Alopecia X is the name given to a cosmetic condition found primarily in Nordic breeds of dogs, as well as miniature and toy poodles. The primary symptom of alopecia X is the loss of coat ( alopecia is the medical term for hair loss). This is actually a hair cycle problem where the normal shed and growth patterns are disrupted. The dog sheds hair and fails to regrow a normal coat.

The primary clinical presentation of alopecia X is the …

Pododermatitis (Sore Hocks) in Rabbits

Rabbit Hocks


Pododermatitis, also referred to as sore hocks, is a common illness in rabbits. Pododermatitis is a condition where the hind feet near the elbow area or hock of the rabbit begin to show signs of infection. The surface of the hock that regularly receives pressure from the body is where rabbit owners are most likely to see the effects. The severity of the condition also depends on the breed of rabbit. For example, rabbits with short or thin fur …

Pet Food Labels: Nutritional Adequacy Statement

AAFCO Statement

One of the most important items to look for on the information panel is the “Nutritional Adequacy Statement.” This statement provides the guarantee that the pet food is complete and balanced for the animal for which it is intended. All commercial pet foods are required to be nutritionally complete and balanced. By being complete, it means all the nutrients that are required by the animal to meet its daily needs are included in adequate amounts; balanced means that the nutrients …

Pet Food Labels: Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed AnalysisGuaranteed Analysis

The guaranteed analysis can be found on the information panel of a pet food label. This portion of the label provides the nutrient composition of the diet. It is required to include the minimum percentage of crude protein and crude fat as well as the maximum percentage of crude fiber and moisture. The “crude” term indicates that the methods for determining nutrient concentrations provide a rough estimate of quantity; it does not refer to the quality of the nutrients themselves. …

Choosing, Introducing, and Caring for Pets in Child Care

Pet in cage in child care

Having a pet to talk to and touch can be a great benefit to children in child care, especially shy youngsters. Children can learn responsibility by caring for a pet and may enjoy watching animals play and eat. Having a pet in your child care program takes thought and planning. Before you go out and buy a snake or a rabbit, be ready to ensure children are safe and healthy around the pet and the pet is treated gently and …

How to Show a Rabbit in 4-H Showmanship

When showing your rabbit in 4-H, you may enter into rabbit showmanship. Showmanship may be done differently in different locations, but the basic concept is to show the judge how your rabbit does or does not conform to breed standards and your general knowledge of rabbits.

These examples of 4-H rabbit showmanship are presented by 4-H members. A good showmanship presentation combines information about your rabbit breed and how well your rabbit conforms to breed standards.

First Example


Second Example

Feline Vaccine Guidelines


Why does my kitten need so many shots? Does my cat need to be vaccinated every year? These common questions about vaccinations don’t necessarily have easy answers. Deciding what vaccines to get, when to get them, and how often to booster them depends on a number of different variables, including how safe and effective the vaccine is, what your cat’s chances of getting the disease is and how serious the disease is. In this article, we’ll offer some guidelines …

Obesity in Rabbits

rabbit with boy


Many pet rabbits suffer from being overweight or obese, just like other companion animal species. Obesity in rabbits causes many different health and behavioral problems that can decrease the quality of life and shorten the lifespan of the rabbit.


A rabbit’s diet is generally at the foundation of obesity. Rabbits that are fed only alfalfa-based pellets are more likely to develop the condition, as alfalfa is higher in protein and calories than grass hay-based diets. However, rabbits that …

Guard Animals for Goats

guard animals


There are special considerations when selecting the type of guard animal for goats. The first is how much care you want to provide that animal. Dogs are the most commonly used guard animals but they need special feeding. Donkeys and llamas can consume what the goats eat but will require other care to remain healthy, including foot trimming and shearing of the llamas. Llamas also can suffer from the same parasites as the goats, so they will need treatment for …